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The academic year at UTS is divided into two main semesters, each with 14 weeks of teaching:

February semester (Autumn) from February to June, and
July semester (Spring) from July to November.
Full details of all UTS teaching sessions are available in the Principal Dates section of the UTS: Handbook.

We suggest that you arrive in Sydney at least two weeks before your classes commence in order to participate in the Orientation program, enrol in classes, and find and settle into suitable accommodation. Visit to to view the academic information of UTS.

UTS provides 2 Prestigious Australian Government Scholarships available to award to your students if they come to UTS next semester (Starting February 2014). The deadline of application at 30th November 2013. The application information can be found here



*reminder:  UTM student are required to apply international program with UTM International (HEA) before going abroad.