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a. What is Visa Approval Letter (VAL)?

a.Visa Approval Letter or VAL is an official document issued by the Department of Immigration Malaysia confirming that the named person and programe study/ level of study has been approved to enter Malaysia for the purposes of study. UTM advises student to apply minimum 6 weeks before reception date to avoid late approve of VAL Check the Department of Immigration for the latest visa requirements or visit for updates on VAL application

b.How long it will take to get VAL?

It should take 4 – 6 weeks upon receipt of a complete application and payment to EMGS. Student have to apply VAL online at

c. When and how can I pay for my VAL & Processing fee?

There are 3 payment options: 1. Online payment using a Visa or MasterCard on the website. Online payment method is only applicable for students have made an online application via EMGS website.

2. Telegraphic Transfer ( USD only) payable to EMGS.

3. Pay Through Institution: Pay direct to EMGS bank account via Malaysia local bank Refer to > Visa & Pass VAL for EMGS bank account number

d. When is expiry of VAL?

The Visa Approval Letter (VAL) is only valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Students must register to the university during this period of validity of VAL. Failing to do so, a new VAL application has to be applied. Please check the registration date before coming to UTM.

e. I have to return to my home country after registration. I’m a remote supervision student and I’m still working at my country. When my student pass is ready?

It should take MINIMUM 21 working days (or minimum 4 weeks) upon receipt of a complete document and payment. The student pass application must get Supporting Letter from EMGS prior submit to Immigration Department. Since the student pass is issued by the Immigration Department, the 21 working days is at the discretion of the Immigration Department (sometimes can be more). Thus, student must remains in Malaysia for a minimum 4 weeks after registration for student pass sticker endorsement.

Note: If student exit Malaysia (for any reason) after registration without complete the student pass endorsement, your VAL and SEV will be VOID. You have to re-apply again new VAL and do the same process if you required to obtain for student pass in future.

The student pass is granted by Immigration  for international student to study and stay in Malaysia

f. Can I convert my social Pass to a student Pass?

NO. Malaysia Immigration Department NOT ALLOWED the conversion from social pass to student pass. All international students (except Diplomatic pass holders, Malaysian Permanent Residents) are required to have a student pass while studying at UTM.

g. My country does not have Malaysia Embassy. How to get Single Entry Visa (SEV)?

Please check countries granted Visa on Arrival for student (VOA) here  [Click HERE] .

Kindly refer to the Immigration Department’s website for the SEV requirement by country. If your country is on the list of countries which require an SEV to enter Malaysia, you can obtain the SEV from any neighbouring country

h. When do I get a student pass endorsement from Immigration Malaysia after registration?

Once you arrive in Malaysia, you will be required to attend post arrival medical screening within 3 days at UTM Health clinics. From the day your passport is submitted at our counter, the process should take 22 working days (or 4 WEEKS). Please note that this timeline is at the discretion of the Immigration Department.


a. How do I know if my country requires a Single Entry Visa for Malaysia?

This information is available on the Malaysian Immigration Department website Please refer to the link below;

b. Which country can apply for Visa on Arival for Student at Malaysia Entry Poitnt?

Student may refer to [HERE] for list of countries granted Visa on Arrival at the Entry point. Countries not in the list are required to apply at nearest Malaysia Embassy/ Consulate

c. What documents do I need to apply for an SEV?

The document requirements may vary between different Malaysian Embassies. Please contact the Malaysian Embassy for the exact requirements and procedures.

d. Can I choose to receive a Single Entry Visa from a Malaysian Embassy in a country where I am not a citizen?

Applicants are required to obtain a Single Entry Visa (SEV) from their home country. In the event that they plan to obtain the SEV from a country other than their home country, they need to provide a document to show that they hold a long term pass in that country.



a. What documents are required to apply for renewal of student pass, dependent, new student pass or new dependent pass?

A: Please refer to UTM International website > Pass & Visa or [HERE]

b. When I should renew the Student/ Dependent Pass?

You should renew 3 months (90 days) before the expiry of your student/dependent pass

c. Can I send application for renewal of student pass or dependent pass 1 month before the expiry date?

NO. Kindly submit all the required documents 3 MONTHS (90 days) before expiry date and submit your passport (include dependent if any) 22 working days before the student/dependent pass expiry date.

d. I would like to send a passport for renewal and will return to my country. Can I purchase air ticket before my passport ready?

NO. Students are not allowed to purchase any flight ticket before obtaining your student pass/passport from UTM International to avoid any problem arises afterwards. Please note it will take 5-6 weeks for renewal process. [see renewal process flowchart]

e. My friend passport has been completed. Can I take the passport on behalf of my friend?

A: Yes, but your friend must send the authorization letter to UTM International Officer together with the document

f. My student pass expiry and I already overstayed OR I have graduated in UTM and want to back to my hometown, however my student pass has expired. How my problem can be solved and how much I have to bear?

A: All penalties imposed by the Malaysian Immigration Department in the event of late extension or expiry of student pass are to be borne by the student and all the payment must be made through UTM Bursar. The total fine is based on days of students overstayed which is minimum fine is RM1100 and maximum is RM10,000. Then, students are required report to the immigration office to take statement by immigration officer. Immigration Department will issue a special pass (Making arrangement to leave country) within 7 -14 days. The process will take 1-3 months to complete. Please contact UTM International for details.

g. What if late submission for renewal of student pass?

Immigration will impose a fine for late submission of renewal of student pass. If student submit within a. 5-7 weeks before expiry – fine RM50 b. 2-4 weeks before expiry – fine RM100 c. < 0-2 weeks before expiry – fine RM150+ RM1,100 for Special Pass & Immigration compound

h. Can I get my refund of deposit for Personal Bond without cancelling my Student Pass?

A: NO. As the Immigration Act, 1963, student must cancel the Student Pass and if not the refund will be forfeited

i. Can I travel within Malaysia by flight if my passport still in the process for Student Pass?

A: NO. student must have the original passport to travel by flight within Malaysia. Alternatively, you can travel by bus or other public transportation.

j. My student pass has expired. What should I do?

If you are in Malaysia, you overstayed and will be subject to penalties imposed by the Immigration Department of Malaysia, which include detention and fine. If you are outside Malaysia, do not re-enter Malaysia as a tourist via a social pass. You may be required to apply for a VAL prior to entering Malaysia. Please email us at for further advice.

k. My passport is expiring less in 1 year and will renew my passport. How about my current student pass in old passport?

You are required to renew your passport at your embassy. Then apply for a transfer of endorsement (i.e., transferring the student pass sticker from your old passport to the new passport). Please submit both passport (old & new) for transfer the sticker endorsement. Details refer to

l. I had renew my passport at home country. The student pass still valid at old passport. Can I enter Malaysia?

Upon arrival at Malaysia, please show to the Immigration Officer your student pass at old passport. The immigration will give a Special Pass for 14-30 days. Please submit your passport for transfer endorsement to new passport at UTM International Office within 3 days of arrival.

m. What if Immigration/ EMGS reject my student pass renewal?

A: If your application for renewal of student pass is rejected by EMGS/ Immigration Department of Malaysia, you are required to defer your studies and return to your home country. You will be required to apply for a new student pass.

n. Do I need to submit my passport when apply for renewal?

NO. You are required to submit your original passport only when EMGS tracker show progress of 90% (usually take 2-3 weeks after submission of document to UTM). Track your renewal progress at


IMPORTANT NOTE: The student pass endorsed by Immigration Department is for giving permission a student study full time and staying in Malaysia for the period of study.

The holder of student pass is not permitted to work. You can submit a documents and payment for renewal your student pass +-45 days before you plan to come to UTM/ Malaysia. UTM International do accept to received a renewal documents and payment from your representative/ friend for submission to UTM International (Note: student have to pay to 2 different account that is EMGS and UTM) .Upon arrive at UTM/ Malaysia (or after EMGS tracking show progress 90%), please submit your passport at UTM International for sticker endorsement at Immigration Department. You can track your renewal application progress at EMGS website at . It will take 10 -14 days for sticker endorsement at Immigration Department.

Note: 1. This process is only allowed within 60 days before expiry of pass. 2. Immigration may required entry stamp to Malaysia on your passport before approve your renewal application. In this case, you can only submitted renewal application after entering to Malaysia. 3. Students are not allowed to purchase any flight ticket before obtaining your student pass/passport


a. Can I bring my Spouse, children’s to apply Dependent Pass during my registration?

NO. Student MUST travel to Malaysia as Single traveler. You can apply Dependent Pass after student pass is issue to the student (Principle)

b. I want to bring my family. Who can I apply for Dependent Pass?

You can apply Dependent Pass only per as following:

i) Wife/husband with children or

ii) Mother or father or

iii) Husband & mother

NOTE: Family in law or brother /sister is not allowed to apply for dependent pass

c. My wife is pregnant and will deliver soon. My Mother in Law is already in Malaysia to take care of my wife. Therefore, I want to apply Dependent pass for my Mother In Law.

NO. you are not allowed to apply Dependent Pass for In Laws Family according to the rules of Malaysia Immigration Department. However, if your wife is student, your Mother In Law may apply Dependent Pass under your wife.

d. Do I need to apply VAL for my dependent?

For certain countries, Immigration Malaysia required student to apply for VAL for Dependent before travel to Malaysia (update: Currently only Nigeria & Afghanistan required VAL for Dependent. List of country will update from time to time)


a. I have graduated in Master in April. My student pass will expire in July. At the same time I’ve been offered for PhD at UTM. Can I stay in Malaysia until registration date since my Master visa is still valid?

According to Malaysian immigration regulations, any students who already graduated, the student pass must be cancelled and they must be returned to the home country. If the student already got admission, you have to apply progression right after received a senate letter confirming your graduation from UTM (only applicable programme by research-mode). We strongly advised student to cancel a Master Pass and apply a new VAL for PhD from home country.

b. Currently I’m studying at a English Language Center in Malaysia. Can I apply for progression?

No. If you wish to change your institution ( i.e. degree program at UTM) you will be required to leave the country and make a new application.

c. Currently I study at XYZ University and get new Offer Letter from UTM. What is the process change University?

Kindly get release letter and examination result from the XYZ University. Please note that you need to shorten the current student pass and apply online for a new Visa Approval Letter (VAL) under UTM. Please take note, approval of new VAL is subject to Immigration discretion. Student are not allowed to register at UTM until get approval VAL. You may ask to leave the country until your new VAL is approved. UTM are advised student to apply a new VAL from home country.

d. What should I do if I decide to change to a different program/ faculty?

You have to apply a new programme and must get approval from Academic Office. Then, you must cancellation of your current student pass and make new application for VAL on new programme. You are advised to return to home country while waiting new VAL approved by Immigration. Do contact the UTM International for further details


If your application for variation/ progression is rejected by EMGS/ Immigration Department of Malaysia, you are required to defer your studies and return to your home country. You will be required to apply for a new student pass. Any updated on Program Variation & Progression, please refer [HERE]


a. Do I need to cancel the student pass?

Student are required to cancel a student pass if: 1. Graduate/ Completion of Studies from UTM 2. Deferment of Studies 3. Withdrawal or Termination from studies 4. Change Programme or Change University

b. Whaf if I leave Malaysia without cancel my Student Pass

Leaving Malaysia without cancelling your student pass will result in the forfeiture of your Personal Bond deposit by Immigration Malaysia and can cause consequences if student decides to apply to another University within Malaysia/ to apply another visa in Malaysia.

c. Can I cancel my Student Pass at my home country

Not Allowed. Immigration Malaysia required original passport for cancellation of Pass.


a. Can I apply Special Pass ?

No. Special Pass can only apply by the Institution if the student have application to another pass ( i.e from dependent pass to student pass or from Master Pass to PhD Pass)

b. My special pass is expired and I have overstayed, what should I do now?

Please contact UTM International and request to apply Special Pass. Immigration will implement compound RM1000-RM5000 for overstay case.Student may deported to home country and blacklist by Immigration


More FAQ on visa  [HERE]