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With immediate effect, international students who wish to apply for variation (i.e. from Program A to program B either from the same or different faculty or change University) or progression (from Bachelor to Master or from Master to PhD) must first get the approval for a new visa from the Malaysia Immigration Department (MID). Student can apply online application at EMGS website

The application for changing a program (variation) can be done through EMGS website and the students have to self-apply for a new eVAL.  A new VAL application has to be made since the student’s initial Visa Approval Letter (VAL) has stated the original program that the student applied before they come to Malaysia.

Please take note that the approval for changing of program is upon discretion from the MID.  Normally the MID will request additional documents such as current examination result, record of attendance and other required documents. The MID have a right  NOT APPROVE the new Visa and Pass (for change of program) if they found that the current result is not satisfactory or any other reason that does not comply with the Immigration’s regulation.

Current practice at UTM is that the student will wait and apply to change the program of study from the University and then submit a new student pass application (change of program) when the current student pass is going to expire. This practice has been observed by the MID as an offence whereby;

  1. The student has abused the use of his student pass (i.e. Approval for program A but is studying for program B although at the same level of study/ at the same faculty)
  2. Change the program first, then apply for changing of a program with the MID (the reason given by the student is that the previous student pass is still valid)

The students will then face a great problem when their new pass and visa is REJECTED by the Immigration with the reason above.

To avoid any difficulty to the students, UTM International is recommend that the application for a change of program (variation or progression) for international students must get an approval VAL from the EMGS /MID before permission for variation or  progression is allowed by UTM. Students must cancel their current pass to apply for a variation or progression for apply a new program. There is a possibility that the Immigration Department will request the student to exit Malaysia while waiting for the new VAL to be approved.

For further inquiries, please refer to UTM International ( attn. :  Ayu at )

Thank you

UTM International
22 February 2018
Internal Circular 1/2018



Variation– Change course or Institution at same level of study ( i.e Program A to program B at same level of study) Progression– Applications for a higher level of studies upon completion of the current studies (i.e Master to PhD)


If your application for variation/progression of program is rejected by EMGS/ Immigration Department of Malaysia, you may be required to defer your studies/ defer the registration  and return to your home country. You will be required to apply for a new student pass if this happens from your home country.


NO. You cannot register with the new programme until get VAL approval  from Immigration. You may advised to return to home country and defer your study if the get late new visa approval from Immigration. 
More Frequently Asked Questions EMGS [HERE] 

If you are studying at a English Language Centre in Malaysia:

  • If you wish to further study at UTM ( i.e. degree program at UTM) you will be required to cancel pass with English Language Institution and  leave the country and make a new online VAL application (refer HERE)

If you are studying at other Institution in Malaysia:

  • You are required to obtain an offer letter from UTM  and a release letter from the previous institution. The new application for Visa Approval Letter (VAL) can be done through EMGS website and the students have to self-apply for a new eVAL at . Please note that you need to shorten/ cancel the current student pass with current institution.
  •  Registration as new student can only be done on registration date as stipulate in the offer letter.
  • To avoid overstay, we advise you to apply a new VAL from home country.


International students will not be allowed to register with the University if you don’t have approved VAL from Immigration Department


You cannot convert the old student pass or carry on studying a different course using the same student pass. This is because the current Student Pass issued contains details of the specific course you are registered for. Undertaking studies for a different course or at a different institution would be contrary to the terms of your Student Pass. This is a breach of immigration rules.