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Warm greetings!

Dear all UTM Staff & Students,

As a member institution of Eurasian Universities Union (EURAS), UTM is pleased to announce the EURAS is now calling for papers for the 3rd issue of journal – EURAS Journal of Social Sciences (EJOSS). Details of the programme are as follows:

Dear EURAS Members,
We invite EURAS Members and the academic community in any area of interest to submit any scholarly articles for publication, with the main aim to motivate the interaction between and increase the awareness of different disciplines. We hope to receive proposals/scholarly articles for submission from academicians, scholars of EURAS members, additionally our call is open to all academic communities in the world.  We are pleased to invite our members, scholars, academicians, and researchers to submit their articles regarding issues, which focus on the variety of dynamics in Engineering Research, Innovation, and Technology; as well as issues that focus on the variety of dynamics in Education, Culture and Society for the following EURAS Journal, EURAS Journal of Social Sciences (EJOSS)

Steps and timing for the 3rd number are as follows:
• Deadline for the submission of the papers: 31 July 2022,
• Deadline for the referees: 31 August 2022,
• Deadline for the submission of the definitive texts: 15 September 2022,
• Issue of the 2nd number: October 2022,

Authors are invited to submit their papers to the address  

For any additional details, please contact the editor-in-chief and/or the creditors at or EURAS Team at

Please visit the EURAS website https://ejoss.eu