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[SEOULTECH] Exchange Students Support Program (Scholarship by Koren Government)

Program : Student Exchange Program in Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech), Korea

Duration : September 2015 – December 2015 (1 semester)

Status : Full scholarship by Korea Government

Deadline : 31st May 2015

SeoulTech is one of the selected universities by NIIED (National Institute of International Education) which provides excellent exchange students with scholarship. This program is called Foreign Exchange Students Support Program. Therefore, SeoulTech has an authority to recommend some students to NIIED and the recipients will be selected by NIIED through the evaluation with exchange students recommended by the other universities in Korea. The result will be announced around June 24th~26th.
UTM Requirement conditions:
  1. Registered as an active student at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
  2. Must complete a semester study in UTM and must NOT in the last semester study in UTM
  3. Have a great point average of 3.0 or higher
  4. Possess a good command of the English Language
  5. Have good health condition
  6. Be physically present in UTM at the time of application
  7. Must agree to enroll at the host institution as described in the program plan
  8. Must agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the host institution or placement provider.
  9. Should demonstrate empathy and understanding of cultural difference
  10. Should demonstrate excellent personal skills.
  11. Agree to be responsible for the costs incurred.  The students may seeks other sources of sponsors including that provided by UTM to subsidize some expenses including travel, accommodation and insurance expenses.
NIIED Requirement Conditions:
  1. Undergraduate student who have 80% of GPA out of 100%
  2. Student who will study at least one course related to Korean language or culture
  3. Student who will write a report at the end of the semester about one?s experience
  4. If student is studying in Korea for one year, GPA 80 out 100 during the first semester at SeoulTech is needed to get scholarship during the second semester.
The students who are selected by NIIED can receive scholarship as below.
– Monthly allowance 800,000KRW
– Settlement fee 200,000KRW (in September only)
– Round-trip airfare (Home country?Korea)
   Students must leave Korea after their study within 30days.
– Medical Insurance 20,000KRW
– Student who does not receive any other scholarship from Korea


1. [Required document] Study Abroad Application Form
Browse to SeoulTech website for list of courses offered at


2. [Required document] Academic Transcript (transcripts of ALL semesters)
Firstly, please find the C.G.P.A. Conversion Table . We only accept the GPA with the scales on C.G.P.A. Conversion Table. If your credit system is different from the table, the calculation should be also submitted with the transcript. Otherwise, the application will not be accepted.


3. [Optional document] Language Ability
If your students have any TOPIK(Test of Proficiency of Korean) score or any other language proficiency test result(except your native language) tested in December 2013 or after, it will give more points to your students on evaluation.


4. [Required document] Study Plan Essay (2~3 pages). Click HERE to for template
All of the exchange student program applicants have submitted their study plan essay but please let your student revise or supplement their essay with the new from attached. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE DOWN THE NAME OF UNIVERSITY, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, where you will be study at in Korea on your study plan. The study plan with the name of university will be automatically eliminated.
 Why would you like to study in Korea?
 What is your study plan in Korea?


5. [Required document] Personal Statement (2~3 page) Click HERE to for template
It’s a self-introduction essay. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE DOWN THE NAME OF UNIVERSITY, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, where you will be study at in Korea on your personal statement. The personal statement with the name of university will be automatically eliminated.
 Write any volunteer work you did outside of campus
 Write your future career plan after studying in Korea.


6. [Optional document] Recommendation letter and Award certificate
If your students have won any awards or prize from authorized institutions, please send the scanned copy. If it?s not written in English or Korea, it should be attached with the translated version.

Submit Complete documents to below address :

UTM International
Block S19, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 UTM Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel : 07-5536843/ 07-5536845
Email :