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The Korean Association for Innovative Engineering Education and Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK) is hosting the 2013 Engineering Education Festa in Busan, Korea.  As part of this multi event program, a Capstone Design competition among undergraduates will be held. Capstone Design Fair is one of core programs of E2 Festa 2013, where over 350 outstanding capstone design works from 90 universities are put up for exhibition.  In particular, International Session will be held in parallel with Capstone Design Fair, where foreign universities’ works of excellence are invited for boosting globalization of engineering education.

A limited number of places at the competition is open for international participants, where the non-Korean universities identified must be recommended by one of the 5 Korean Innovative Engineering Education hubs.

The Pusan National University(PNU) Innovative Engineering Education Hub (which has close relations with Centre of Engineering Education, CEE) has invited UTM to submit an entry for the competition.  The economy flight ticket and accommodation for 3 nights for the student chosen for the competition will be sponsored by the PNU Hub.

We would like to invite all Deans of engineering to send me possible entries from students.We can also submit a product from student’s Final Year Project (FYP) or other student projects, especially those from the final year. Only one student will be selected to represent UTM in this competition.

Program Details:

Program: 2013 Engineering Education Festa (multi-event program)

Venue: Pusan National University, Busan, Korea

Date: 28th November 2013  to 30th November 2013

Event: Capstone Design Competition (part of the event in the fiesta)

Sponsorship: Sponsorship is provided by PNU Hub promoted to 1 UTM student only

Deadline : 29th October 2013

Competition details:

Each team should fill out and submit an application form and a poster in a given standard PPT format not later than November 3rd, 2013.  During the exhibition, students are often asked by visitors at his/her booth to explain the capstone design works.

On the first day, October 28 (Thu.) at 2~5 pm, there will be an evaluation process to select awarding capstone design works.  5 minutes of oral presentation will be given to each team at its booth (no PPT presentation).  Participants with no actual capstone design product will be excluded from the awards.

How to apply?

Step 1 : Apply for the program

  • Gather information of program offered by international organizer
  • Seek for advice from home faculty before apply
  • Apply
  • Receive offer letter from organizer

Step 2 : Apply for UTM funding and approval

  • Complete application form
  • Submit form and supporting documents to UTM Office of International Affairs through the dean of faculty
  • Receive approval letter from Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & International)
  • Apply for cash cheque

Step 3 : Application for going abroad

  • Complete application form and documents required by Office of Student Affairs & Alumni (HEM&A)

*Collect form at Office of Student Affairs (HEM&A)

  •  Submit form and supporting documents to Office of Student Affairs & Alumni (HEM&A) through the dean of faculty

Please select at least one entry for your faculty to join this competition because this is indeed a very good opportunity, not only for the student, but also as acknowledgement for UTM (which can also contribute to ranking and RU marks).

Note : Application MUST be submitted to UTM Office of International Affairs through Dean/ Deputy Dean of faculty. Click here for application procedure. Please DO NOT apply direct to the host university.