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GE4 Asian Exchange in Engineering and Management Program

Student Application Spring 2014

Submission Deadline at 10 October 2013


Please type (handwritten forms will not be considered) this application, and attach to it the

following documents:

• A one-page essay in the language of the country you have chosen, describing the

goals to be achieved in the program, including any special areas of research in which

you are currently involved or would like to be involved during the program.

• An official transcript from your home university, English translation is required

• One faculty recommendation

• A completed 2-page Program of Studies form, listing courses at your home university

for which you would like to take equivalent courses abroad, and a syllabus for each of

those courses

• Demonstration of your language ability (test scores, letter from foreign language

instructor, DELF, etc. )

• A passport-sized photograph (attached to this application). Although this is not

mandatory, we strongly suggest that you submit a photograph in order to help the host

university identify you.

Once it is finalized, please give to your University ASE3 contact:

– 1 original

– 1 scanned version (PDF file) sized less than 2 Mega

He or she will approve and send your application over Internet to the GE4 Secretariat.

Note: The application deadline for students is October 15, 2013. You MUST submit the

application and ALL supporting materials to your ASE3 contact by this deadline, or you will

not be considered for placement.

Downloads these file to view more.. ASE3 application form Spring 2014-1