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ATU-Net Internet of Things and Innovation Camp 2017




1.0 Programme Information

1.1 Aim and Overview

This program is an introductory course to the Internet of Things hardware and software development. This course is designed for a non-electronics student but is highly interested in electronics. This course will go through basic electronic concept, and then apply the concept using internet of things and module.

1.2 Programme Objectives

  • Understand basic concept behind internet of things and ¬†sensors
  • Write simple program to use various sensors
  • Write mobile apps program with MIT App Inventor to control the transducers

1.3 Course Participant and Requirements

The workshops are targeted at the following groups of participants

  • Undergraduate students
  • Participants should have a basic foundation in English to facilitate understanding of the workshop presentations and learning activities.
  • Basic knowledge in programming is a plus.

1.4 Course Duration

6 days (including travel days)

1.5 Course Provider and Facilitators

  • Abd Rashid Husain, PhD – Centre for Student Innovation
  • Fauzan Khairi Che Harun, PhD – UTM International

2.0 Programme Schedule

Download the Schedule here

3.0 Materials

  • Participant need to bring their own Laptop
  • USB Drive with Workshop Material