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444Before proceeding, please ensure you have these document ready as attachment in PDF/JPG.

  1. Passport size photos (white background).
  2. A recommendation letter from student’s Academic Advisor/home institution supporting their application.
  3. A status letter from student’s home institution with this FORMAT OF STATUS LETTER.
  4. If the student is sponsored, state the details of sponsorship such as the name of sponsor, duration of sponsorship and value of sponsorship.
  5. An up-to date certified academic transcript (in English translation).


Please submit your application for Semester I (October 2023/2024) no later than 30 June 2023.

Application is NOW OPEN. Please email for any enquiries.

Student Exchange Application Form

A. Applicant/Participant Personal Details

International format

B. Education Background

Paste URL here.
Chemical Engineering, English, Business, Chemistry, Psychology etc.

C. Study Abroad Programmes

Proposed Courses to be taken in UTM

Course/Subject Selection

Subject: Introduction to Biomedical Eng
Code : SMBE1012
Credit : 2

Please click the + button to add more subjects/courses

Please only choose courses corresponding to the semester. If you are studying in UTM in Semester 2, please choose only courses available in semester 2,4,6 and 8.

Please specify name of host supervisor (if available)
Specify research project if applicable

D. Finance

E. Accomodation

Please be informed that we can provide on-campus accommodation upon request and is SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. Please choose room type for booking. Range for rate for single room : RM20/day/person to RM50/day/person. Room rate may vary depending on residential college. The basic room type is single/ twin room, ceiling fan, share bathroom with the room rate RM20/ day.
UTM International will make accommodation arrangement if you choose stay on-campus and students are responsible to arrange on their own if they choose off-campus accommodation.

F. Inter-office Communication

Please provide the contact details of the person from your university who is responsible to assist you in this program ( international affairs officer/student exchange coordinator).
International format

G. Attachment and Declaration

Maximum upload size: 5.12MB
Recommendation letter from student's Academic Advisor/Home Institution supporting their application
Maximum upload size: 5.12MB
Letter from Home University that state's the student has student status and covers the following details: current semester, active/inactive and expected graduation year.
Maximum upload size: 5.12MB
An up-to-date certified academic transcript (translated to English)
Maximum upload size: 5.12MB
Passport-sized photos (white background only) in jpg. format
Maximum upload size: 5.12MB
Maximum upload size: 5.12MB
Please attach your research proposal (Master and PhD)
Maximum upload size: 5.12MB
A one page essay to describe your plans and expectations for this program.
Once the application has been approved, UTM International will issue an offer letter for the program. You will need to provide a copy of your passport and travel/medical insurance certificate.

For students coming for more than six (6) months, you will need to provide a copy of your medical report.