Student Mobility at University of Tartu

Student exchange program under Erasmus+ grant at University of Tartu is a program which will allow students to go for one semester exchange institutions as follows;


Student Field Calendar

(2 places available)



September – February 2016

Students’ final score/ grade for certain courses that have been taken at host institutions will be acknowledged by UTM to be transferred back to the students’ related UTM courses.  Regarding the credits transfer, students must first consult with the faculty of study in UTM.

 Application Requirement & Eligibility (Outbound student)

  1. Registered as an active student at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
  2. Must complete at least one semester study in UTM and must NOT in the last semester study in UTM
  3. Have a great point average of 3.0 or higher
  4. Possess a good command of the English Language
  5. Have good health condition
  6. Be physically present in UTM at the time of application
  7. Must agree to enroll at the host institution as described in the program plan
  8. Must agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the host institution or placement provider.
  9. Should demonstrate empathy and understanding of cultural difference
  10. Should demonstrate excellent personal skills.
  11. Agree to be responsible for the costs incurred.  The students may seeks other sources of sponsors including that provided by UTM to subsidize some expenses including travel, accommodation and insurance expenses.

 Application Process

  1. Student are advise to visit host university’s website at for information of subjects and courses available.
  2. Fill up the Study Abroad Application Form
  3. Submit the form along with the supporting documents to UTM International before the deadline of 25th October 2015 for Spring semester (February 2015)  or 25th April 2016 for Fall semester (September).
  4. Please make sure that you have completed the entire fields on the application form otherwise we could not process it.
  5. UTM International will do application review and clarification.
  6. If doable, applicant will be invited to come for personality test and an interview session.
  7.  We will select the top student among best applicants.
  8. The result will announce through applicant’s email on early November.

Financial Support

  1. UTM students will receive an amount of UT 750 EUR per month in a monthly basis and entitled for travel support 1100EUR.


 Student Responsibilities
Apply for program approval

  • Program approval must be applied to Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & International). Approval letter will be issued to applicant`s faculty.

Apply for Going Abroad Approval and/or Sponsorship Approval

  • Student who involve in any international program is COMPULSORY to apply for going abroad application to Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni).  The application must be submitted at least a month before program start.

Monitor student’s status and academic matters during abroad
Maintain a good relations with UTM International & faculty

  • Student must update any activities while abroad to faculty and UTM International. The updates should be submitted online through UTM International Submit Blog Post.

Valid contact information

  • Any changes of contact must be informed to faculty and UTM International

Personal risk assessment i.e : health, culture, financial
Respect host institution regulations



  • Flight booking, ground transport, airport transfer
  • Travel documents i.e validity of passport, insurance


  • Vaccination (if required)
  • Health Insurance. ‘Insurans Berkelompok’ purchased by UTM for local students CAN BE USED by students when going abroad. HOWEVER, it is only covered for Permanent disability and death. Students are advised to purchase health insurance when going abroad which covers for the entire period of stay. Bring enough medicine and first aid kit and Medicines. Please contact Office of Student Affairs at 07-553 0513

Visa Application

  • Determine visa needed to enter and stay host country
  • Application for student visa/pass
  • Students are advisable to apply the student visa (six months) once you receive the letter of acceptance.


  • Monitor academic record in AIMS
  • Identify courses for registration at host institution


  • Calculate living expenses abroad
  • Consider currency exchange

Boarding and Returning


Program Report

Program report MUST be submitted within 14 days after program end which are:
1) Program report in hardcopy and pictures which related to program involve. Together with softcopy of pictures in CD(s) in CD. (in image file only). Submit the report to:

UTM International
Block S19, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 UTM J0hor Bahru, Johor.

3) Fill up Online Outbound Feedback Form at

Note : Certificate will only be issued for those who submit the program report.

Important Notes

  • Discuss with student’s academic advisor/deputy dean (academic)/dean of the faculty regarding academic matters and subjects selection at host university and receive acceptance letter from host university before apply to UTM Office of International Affairs
  • Inform parents /guardian about participation in study abroad program
  • Pay tuition fees at home university (UTM) before depart to host university