Wroclaw University of Science and Technology is the leading scientific and educational centre in Poland. Its position among technical universities in both Europe and the rest of the world is increasing every year. Development of the University is confirmed by research potential, didactics at the highest level, innovation and also cooperation with industry. The University educates specialists who are valued and sought after in the labor market. Today, it is one of the biggest and best technical universities in the country.

At Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, our aim of educating students is to not only provide them with reliable knowledge, but also with creative and critical thinking. We primarily carries out our mission through the highest standards in scientific research, internationalization and also through the high quality of education which is adapted to labor market requirements. The education offered at our institution is strongly linked with scientific research and the needs of econo­my and is consistent with standards of the European Higher Education Area. The degrees awarded by Wrocław University of Technology are a symbol of high quality of education, confirmed by the National Accreditation Committee and the Accreditation Committee of Universities of Technology. 

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology’s mission is shaping a competent future for the students in which the mission statement accentuates the role that the University plays in sustaining and developing competences connected with an experimental culture. These competences have created the present-day civilization, determine its further existence and are the main development components. In the age when experiments are being replaced with procedures and appearances matter more than facts, such a Mission is of utmost importance with:

  • Emphasis on creativity that changes future trajectories.
  • Emphasis on professionalism and hard skills that determine the functioning of the Techno-sphere.
  • Emphasis on internal and external partnership, which enhances effectiveness and helps achieve goals.


Wroclaw University of Science and Technology


For more information on Wroclaw University of Science and Technology,  visit: http://pwr.edu.pl/en/