From 24th – 28th June 2019, UTM Johor Bahru had sent a representative, Dr. Koh Meng Hock, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Science to visit Assoc. Prof. Dr. Luis Robledo at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM), Spain as a part of the Erasmus+ Staff Training Mobility Programme (outbound).


24th June 2019: On Monday, the representative was warmly welcomed by the host of the programme, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Luis Robledo from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain.


With Dr. Luis Robledo in his office


The representative was then invited into a meeting with Dr. Luis Miguel Robledo Martin and Dr. Tomas Raul Rodriguez Frutos. They held a discussion together on their current research interests and any possibility of research collaborations between UTM and UAM.


Outside of the Faculty of Science building


25th-26th June 2019: On Tuesday, the representative was invited for a stimulating research discussion with Dr. Luis on Gogny energy density functional (EDF). The discussion included the research progress and academic programmes designs. The representative was also acquainted to the locally developed computer code.

On Wednesday, the representative was given a chance to join Dr. Luis for a testing on his Gogny EDF Code to gain a better understanding on how the locally developed computer code is used. They also had a fruitful discussion on a potential research topic that they can collaborate on together.


Statue of Avicenna near to the faculty’s building


The walk from the faculty to the nearby RER train station


27th June 2019: On Thursday, the representative was given a golden opportunity to deliver a seminar on Mean-field studies of rare-earth nuclei within Skyrme mean-field approach for members of the Department of Theoretical Physics of UAM. The seminar was a very informative and intriguing session for the members as the representative also presented on the results obtained from my team’s work in collaboration with Prof. Philippe Quentin and Dr. Ludovic Bonneau from CENBG.

After the seminar, the representative was taken to a delicious lunch alongside with Prof. Poves and Dr. Luis Robledo. The representative had the chance to taste local Spanish dishes such as gazpacho, paella and chorizo all thanks to Luis’s recommendation. Dr. Luis was also very accommodating in translating the names of Spanish cuisines and explaining them. The representative also got to know greatly on the local culture practices of Spain that were explained by Dr. Luis.


Lunch with Prof. Poves and Dr. Luis Robledo after my seminar


28th June 2019: On Friday (last day of visit), the representative was asked to join a discussion with Dr. Luis to review on research projects that can be pursued together by both UAM and UTM groups. It was a very productive session as they reviewed and examined all possible research projects for collaboration.


The five-day visit to Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM), Spain by Dr. Koh Meng Hock under Erasmus+ Staff Training Mobility Programme (outbound) ended on 28th June 2019.



by: shahidaa