From 13th – 17th May 2019, UTM has participated in the 5th International Staff Week (ISW) organized by the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), Poland under the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Program. A selected representative, Mr. Mohd Syazli bin Md Tahir, an executive officer from UTM Johor Bahru have successfully participated in the event for the whole 5 day programme.


The representative at SGH

The representative, Mr Mohd Syazli, summarized his training at SGH with:

“The Erasmus+ staff mobility for teaching and training was a huge success! It gave me a golden chance to expand my networking among international offices and cooperation with other partner universities. The training increase my job satisfaction and develop new learning practices and working methods. The experience of long-hours fasting was also a new kind of challenge for me as the training was held in the fasting month of Ramadhan. All in one, I can say that the Erasmus+ staff mobility training was a grand success for the participants!.”

13th May 2019: On Monday, all the representatives from various partner universities were welcomed warmly with a simple welcome address by the organizer. The programme starts with a short ice-breaking opening session where each participant was given a chance to do a brief presentation on their home universities. Then, an interactive session on the introduction of SGH university and its historical background was coordinated by the organizer. The presentation includes the introduction of the higher-education system within Poland.


SGH University


The program continued with a very interesting campus tour where the participants were invited for a chance to visit the SGH library also.


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After the visit, the program continued with a very intriguing and exciting session which is the art workshop.


Kuznia Kurplowska (art workshop)


With Organizer


Group photo


14th May 2019: On Tuesday, all the representatives were invited to an interesting joint discussion session where they learned how to find corporate partners and keep them. All of them shared their various experiences of meetings and practices within their universities. 


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The session includes a unique International Coffee Break where all the representatives shared their national sweets of their country. It was a golden opportunity for the representatives to be able to experience various national sweets from different countries.


National Sweets Sharing


Apart of the program, the representatives were taken on a brief exciting city tour around Warsaw. They went on a guided tour to learn about the traditional culture and history of the city. The tour lasted around for 2-3 hours.


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15th May 2019: On Wednesday, the program continued with a stimulating and informative joint seminar session with NAWA on : How to make international students feel at home?.This session was a big help to gain knowledge on helping international students that are interested in studying overseas.


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After the seminar, all representatives were invited to have individual meetings with SGH lecturers to enable the representatives to share knowledge and gain more experience.


Dr Katarzyna. Just back from Malaysia under Teaching Mobility at AHIBS KL


16th May 2019: On Thursday, all participants were invited for another city tour around Gdansk for the whole day. This activity was done to introduce the history and heritage of Poland to the representatives. The tour lasted the whole day till evening.


3 hour train journey


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17th May 2019: On Friday (last day of training), all representatives were gathered for a farewell session. In the session, they had a brief presentation about the academic viewpoint of research done at SGH. They also learned on the joint and double degree program offered. The representatives discussed on any possible future activities that they could do together. After the presentation session, all representatives were given a certificate of attendance for the 5th International Staff Week (ISW) 2019.


Presentation session


Research at SGH


Double Degree Programme


Certificate Awarding



The five-day visit to Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), Poland by Mr. Mohd Syazli bin Md. Tahir as the representative of UTM in the 5th International Staff Week (ISW) 2019 under the Erasmus+ staff mobility program (outbound) ended on 17th May 2019.


by: shahidaa