From 13th – 19th March 2019, UTM Johor Bahru had sent a representative, Associate Professor Dr. Ahmad Saufan to Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania as a part of the Erasmus+ Staff Teaching Mobility Programme (outbound).

The representative, Associate Professor Dr. Ahmad Saufan A Rashid, summarized his visit with the saying:

Several things that I learned from this Erasmus+ Staff Mobility (Teaching) program where it helps in developing my own competences in my field and increasing the relevance of my teaching and build up new contacts/ expand my professional network. In addition, I could share my own knowledge and skills with students and develop new learning practices and teaching methods.

13th March 2019: Professor Dr. Ahmad was warmly welcomed by the International Relations Office (IRO) staff, Mrs. Erika Daniene, Erasmus+ Programme Institutional Coordinator, Ms. Ausra Pelediene, Director of International Relations Office, and Ms. Rasita Martišė, Staff Mobility Coordinator. They had an enjoyable brief meeting to introduce and share knowledge about both universities.


Meeting with the International Relations Officer, Mrs. Erika Daniene


After lunch in the campus cafe together with academic-administrative staff of Civil Engineering Faculty, Prof. Arnoldas Norkus, Faculty International Coordinator Jonas Šaparauskas, Prof. Ahmad was asked to join an informative meeting with the staff of Civil Engineering Faculty. The meeting covered the VGTU Faculty of Civil Engineering (coordinated by Jonas Šaparauskas) and also presentation of UTM. The meeting was a good opportunity to share valuable information of the Engineering faculties of both universities.

Meeting with the representative of Civil Engineering Faculty


14th March 2019: On Thursday, Prof. Ahmad was invited for a tour within the Geotechnical Laboratories of VGTU after lunch. This activity was done to introduce the specific types of laboratories existing within VGTU.

Tour to Geo-technical laboratories, guided by Prof. Arnoldas Norkus


A large scale physical modelling equipment to test on piling system


Soil Investigation Workshop


After the tour, Prof. Ahmad Saufan was asked to give his first lecture on Soil-Structure interaction, Stabilization of ground for geotechnical structures (foundations, retaining walls, slopes tunneling) for Postgraduate students at Campus building 1, Room SRK I 307. Prof. Ahmad was introduced by Dr Danute Slizyte to all the students so the student’s will recognize him.

Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI) class


15th March 2019: On Friday, Prof. Ahmad Saufan gave his second lecture on Soil and Landscape in Malaysia to Postgraduate students at Campus Building 2, Room 406. It was a very informative sharing session for the students as they had a chance to experience lectures from a delegate professor.

Soil and landscape in Malaysia class


After the lecture, Prof. Ahmad went for his Friday prayers at Vilnius Mosque and Islamic Center. He also visited a halal restaurant in Lithuania to experience the different type of food in Lithuania.

Vilnius mosque and Islamic center


Halal Elite restaurant


16th-17th March 2019: During the weekend, Prof. Ahmad Saufan went on a city tour around Lithuania for the whole weekend. He visited several historical landmarks locations to gain understanding on the history of Lithuania. The activity was one of the activities done to get to know Lithuania itself. 

Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fight


National Museum of Lithuania


The Old Arsenal


Trakai Island Castle


During the city tour, Prof. Ahmad also visited the Ibis Vilnius Center that was located in Lithuania.

Ibis Vilnius center


19th March 2019: On Tuesday (last day of the visit), Prof. Ahmad Saufan was invited to join a meeting with the academic staff. They discussed on UTM and Research Institute of Road Building, Department of Roads, Faculty of Environment Engineering, VGTU (coordinated by the representative of research institute of road building). The VGTU staff that attended the meeting also was Prof. Audrius Vaitkus, Director of Road Research Institute; and Assoc.Prof. Virgaudas Puodziukas, Head of the Department of Roads. It was a very intriguing session in which they got to know several information by both universities.

Meeting with the representative of the Research Institute of Road Building


After the meeting, Prof. Ahmad was taken on a second tour within the laboratories of the Faculty of Environment of Engineering and Road Research Institute, guided by Prof. Audrius Vaitkus.


Several types of equipment located at pavement laboratory


After lunch, Prof. Ahmad Saufan concluded his visit by giving his last lecture on Earth structures in road engineering, Improvement of earth structures (geosynthetics, compaction, injection, disperse reinforcement,etc). He was introduced by the Director of Road Research Institute, Prof. Audrius Vaitkus to the Postgraduate students in this class.

Soil and Landscape in Malaysia


The seven-day visit to Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania by Associate Professor Dr. Ahmad Saufan A Rashid under Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility Programme (outbound) ended on 19th March 2019.


by: shahidaa