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Board rooms are the core of a company’s decision-making. It’s where ideas are rejected, reconsidered and embraced. It’s also where a number of cups of coffee come to an ends as bored members sit through a stale presentation each one after the other. The technology available today in workplaces can help make meetings more collaborative and productive.

The right meeting technology can provide boards of directors with the tools they need to communicate with each other as well as their remote audience. These tools digitally boost collaboration but also ensure that all board members are active and participating equally, regardless of location or device.

A board portal is among the most efficient tools boards can utilize. Board portals are rapidly expanding to become the most relied upon boardroom technology because of their ability to provide the full range of tools that help boards plan for meetings, work together during meetings and then communicate afterwards.

Interactive whiteboards are another key technology for boardrooms. These interactive whiteboards let teams brainstorm, develop their ideas and design dynamic presentations that keep attendees entertained. These panels are usually designed to work with videoconferencing platforms and also include the most current software for creating content. One example is BenQ’s EZWrite software suite, which offers the ability to easily write, draw and add information to your screens in real-time.

Your meetings can be more productive than ever before with the proper conference room technology. To find out more about the most effective tools for your business, talk to a specialized DGI consultant.